Threads of Sound

Digital Distribution

digital distribution

We manage the world's largest catalogue of Traditional and Celtic music and have a growing catalogue of contemporary music.

We believe the future lies in combining existing and emerging technologies with our years of experience in the music industry to create fair, sustainable and transparent partnerships with customers, artists, labels, retailers and distributors.

what we offer ...

Threads of Sound take the confusion out of getting your music from raw data to a professional package on sale via the major digital stores including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, eMusic and Amazon.

We provide a platform for your music and can offer help and advice with marketing online. We can boost your online presence with a tailored store and actively promote our catalogue artists.

how it works...

Just complete a few online forms to provide the details and supporting information for your releases and upload or send your tracks on CD.

We check everything, create barcodes if necessary and submit to the stores. Your tracks go on sale a few days later and when you start to sell, we transfer the royalties you've earned.