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Email and Identity

email and identity

If you run any band, business or organisation it is essential you have a domain name so that you own your web address. This is really cheap to set up and can be very expensive to ignore.

We used to see a huge number of new bands release an album with a MySpace address as the only form of contact. Only a handful of those addresses will get you to information about the band now. These days it is Facebook that appears everywhere but nobody can be sure how long these addresses will exist for.

We can supply domain names from £10/year. Then you can have a web address to put on albums, books, menus and business cards. If you don't need a website right now we can simply send the visitors to your Facebook page.

We can also set up email addresses on your domain.

Most importantly, you own the domain name. You can change where it links to, move it to another provider and you will alway be in control.