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online stores

The sale of CDs and merchandise can still make up a large part of a bands sales and in many cases can still be the majority of sales. It is incredibly important that your customers can find and buy your merchandise as easily as possible.

We can provide a range of online stores tailored to your needs. All our stores can be branded to match your website and we are happy to sit invisibly in the background making it work.

virtual stores

We can run all aspects of the store for you including the payments, packing and dispatch. You simply send us your products when we request it and we pay you each month for what has been sold. You control the pricing and we take care of all the details.

standalone stores

We can supply you with a complete online store, integrated with your own website and payment solution. You have full control over the pricing and operation of the store.


We can add mp3 and FLAC download to your stores, either as separate purchases or included with the sales of CDs or vinyl. With a virtual store we will take care of the additional licensing and royalty reporting required. With a standalone store you will be responsible and we provide you with advice and the necessary reports.

additional stores

We can also supply your CDs to other online stores including Amazon.